The ‘Stuff’ Exchange

Wow! Thanks for coming to this page 🙂 Now, either you have stuff to trade, OR you’re a relation who is wondering what we might be leaving behind but don’t want to seem rude 😉

Ok, seriously, the bottom line is that pretty much everything that you find in a typical household of 2 adults and 2 children has to go, so it would be a far greater task to list every little thing than to restore an old sailboat (trust me, I know what I’m talking about).

I’ll start with thing that we need, it’s a shorter list (kinda):

Drinking Water tanks: I know, we’re leaving this one a bit late, but we’ve not needed big tanks until now. Ideally tanks of over 100l capacity.

Little outboard engine: For the dinghy on those days when rowing is just too damn hard, it doesn’t have to work, or even be pretty, but the smaller the better, 2 or 3 Hp would be ideal.

Oars & Oars locks: For the days when the dodgy outboard we trade for won’t start!

Water Pump: In the interest of the boat not stinking, I’ve been told I will have to continue showering and so I need to round up some sort of 12volt pump to pressurize the shower.

Anchor chain: Seriously, who has anchor chain just lying around?

Jack stays: I think I have a lead on these, but am always open to trade.

Offshore harness: The sort that goes from the lifejacket to the jack stays.

Hand bearing compass: You know, for those times when you find yourself lounging around the Atlantic in a life raft.

Winch Handle: No, nothing like a Wench handle, we do have one, but any sailor will tell you that one is just asking for trouble.

Fishing gear:  We have a couple of bits, but I’ve been told that the grownup fish would just laugh at it, take it from us and slap us about a bit, so boat rods and multiplier reels are what’s needed to catch some dinner.

Good wishes & Warm thoughts: Now these are the things we would cherish most. Cards, letters, emails, video messages to take away with us for those stormy nights when we just want to stay in.

What we have to get rid of, think of a normal house:

Bedroom furniture: Set of drawers, bedside lockers, wardrobes, lamps, books.

Kitchen stuff: Microwave oven, combination oven, bake ware, toasters, cups, bowls (you get the idea) books.

Entertainment: Games consuls, dvd players, projectors, dvds, more dvds, music CDs, books, did I mention books?

Power tools: I restored the boat, so there are loads of rusty power tools that are well broken in. Books.

Other stuff: Toys, toys, more toys, clothes, jewelry, books..

Basically, it you imagine it belongs in a house then we probably have it… Just ask…