Oh My God! It’s only 7 weeks away…

So we are approximately 7 weeks from moving on board full time. Life is hectic to say the least. Our boat is getting there bit by bit, I am trying to prepare the house for rent, plan and organize the summer programme for our drama business, help Luke and Ella finish up in primary school and get ready to move on board and help them manage their emotional journey through changing from living on land to living on board our boat. And I struggle to find time to make sense of what is happening for me in this period of transition.

The transition for me is tumultuous. When I am at the boat it is all good, I forget about everything else and I relax into the moment and it’s about sailing and cooking and working and kayaking and chatting with other sailors and it’s all very reasonable and manageable. Here at home, it’s all a bit overwhelming. What can we take what do we leave what can we sell to make money? What about home schooling, how will we manage without a refrigerator, what medicine will we need on board? I could cry at the drop of a hat about the smallest little thing. My courage fails me.

Leonard is as cool as a breeze, he is taking everything in his stride, and nothing seems to faze him. To be fair, he has been preparing for quite a while now and has been thinking about living aboard long before we met. I have always wanted to live somewhere else with my kids and took the steps of investigating it but never had the courage to follow through. In truth I think I never would have done it without a life partner who shares my desire for travel and adventure.  My practical preparation has been less strenuous than his and perhaps this is why I have periods of being overcome by the vastness of what lies ahead. I know I will miss people and feel sad, I know that casting off will have its challenges and the next few weeks will be unparalleled in my life and nothing can prepare me for that.

The prospect of living a life like we do when we are on board Faoin Spéir, with someone who is as committed as I am to a simple way of life, and the chance to share that with my children while we all learn together, is exciting and makes for a worthwhile transition. So keep calm and sail on!

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