Shameless plug (the wind may be free, but we’ve still gotta work)

For the past few months, it seems that a day does not go by without some work being done towards our departure. Sometimes we try to take a ‘day off’, but even those days a spent planning and plotting, editing or writing. In a way, our new life started with the decision to move aboard a boat and sail. In the beginning, it might be just a few hours per week dedicated to the boat project, but now the balance has firmly shifted in favour of the boat, and it feels like we a squeezing our ‘land life’ in around our usual boat life preparations.

In the interest of keeping food in our bellies, we’ve enjoyed exploring possible alternative ways of generating income. Gone are the 9 to 5’s (they never really suited me anyway) and in are the less concrete, but infinitely more satisfying entrepreneurial style incomes. Mary make some of the most beautiful jewellery and I, well, I’ve started writing. Yes, this is totally a shameless plug, but we can’t live on the scrapings of the bilge. So, here it is, my first book (says he blushing slightly).sat complete


“Toby and Sam are your typical 11 year old brother and sister, except that they happen to be twins. Join them as their adventure begins with the discovery that their Granddad is not quite what everyone thought he was. Follow them as they try to track down the villain and stop him before he completes his evil plans.”

Available for download at Amazon for only £3.90


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