Updating the Website!

So I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out the website! All the old stuff should still be there, but it was becoming much too cumbersome and, well, you know how it is; when a job starts to become too much hassle, it’s less likely to get done.

I’m going to keep this entry short, as there is still plenty to do, and I don’t just mean the website. We’ve only about 18 weeks to go before we move onto the boat full time! Meanwhile I’m still trying to shake the chest infection. This is the first time in 2 weeks that I’ve been able to do anything of any use, and even this is a bit of a struggle.


Stay tuned… Leonard…

2 thoughts on “Updating the Website!

  1. I hope I’m in the water before you leave
    I keep track of your posts and videos great that you are almost there
    I have done a day skipper and a vhf course
    Maybe in a couple of years I will do the ocean coerce
    How did the repacking of the lift raft go?
    Was it difficult to get the gas bottle refilled?
    I will have to do the same if I can get the bottle refilled
    Regards copper12

    • Hi Eugene,
      great to hear from you, I can’t believe that you are almost in the water! Such a beautiful boat, I’m really excited for you. I haven’t repacked the life raft just yet, I’m taking advantage of the fine weather to get some other oat work done (I imagine you’re at the same thing). There’s a company that tested, certified and filled the bottle for me up north, I pass the details on to you via email 🙂
      All the best,

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